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Monty Taft

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Handsome Joe.jpg

Here to herald the imminent EP This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow that we’ve been hearing so much about, it’s their lead single Handsome Joe. The lyric ‘never trust in Handsome Joe’ sums up the whole song, full of devious twists, turns and crazily fun instrumentals. From Balkan folk-swingers Cut Throat Francis - catch them live soon if you’re anywhere between London and Bristol.

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Handsome Francis, Handsome Joe


New and modern this month - Cut Throat Francis bring their new release Handsome Joe, a tasty bit of Balkan folk-swing. Duchess then shares her recent pop single Talking To Myself before the formidable producer Matt Lange and his clubland Space Between. Quite the trilogy! Full of the latest updates from around the label, because you wouldn’t expect anything less.

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Matt Lange

Listening to Space Between is like floating on a sea of adrenaline. The electro-dance textures are beautifully produced, bounding between bass and treble. It’s no wonder from a heavy name like Matt Lange, who’s been grammy nominated and sold multiple platinum records. He also released In Me, a collab with Kerry Leva who was on July’s show - do check out his newest instrumental Does This Feel Like Apathy To You and if you’re stateside, he’s touring now.

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Duchess is a pristine powerhouse of shimmery shiny pop. Crystal electronics and vocals, hooks to boot, and her most recent single Talking To Myself is no exception. Originally from Kent and now working London with following in the US, this one could easily go somewhere. Check out the music video for an extra, very silky, dimension to the song.

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