Stephanie Cheape is heading to Edinburgh Fringe to appear on stages and tees before her EP is released. Pwned By Gravity are planning their next releases and international adventures. And while you wait for these momentums, we serve up the under-the-radar music that’s been on our mind this month.


The High Points


Retro is timeless, and once in a while we all enjoy a trip back in time. Despite the disco vibe though, the Norwich trio capture airs of Terraplane Sun with their recent release Dance Delight, from those bouncing drums to that twangy vocal line. Head to Facebook for their newest release Day By Day and their big upcoming Norwich performance.





Cam’s gone Anglophilic with three tracks from the land of rain and roses - art music from Talitha Rise, new disco from The High Points and northern soul from Tom Gee Band. Music to soothe, delight and excite on your commute or aimless evening browse. Maybe we can nudge you to continue your discoveries?


Talitha Rise



In amongst the simple piano refrains and daydreaming vocals, there’s something pristine about Talitha Rise. It’s as though you can hear Jo Beth’s love of the lonely windswept shores of the West Ireland coast and the rolling greens of her new home in Devon, poking between the melancholic optimism of Shadow Navigation's lyrics. The solo artist has a new release planned for September.


July Jones

Jump In The Water


Tom Gee Band



The Big Band sound of the Tom Gee band is just one example of perfectly crafted music that gets lost in the tide. Winner of our first annual Top 3 back in ‘15, we wanted to remind everyone of the dark ocean of unheard music, full of creativity, joy and hard work. Get your Northern soul on and let Superman lift your mood!

Tees and EPs


A packed festival season is nearing twilight for Stephanie Cheape, but there’s still time to catch her at Edinburgh Fringe from the 4th before she returns to Glasgow to play at Nice N Sleazy on the 11th of this month. Soon you’ll be able to wear her on a tee while waiting for her new EP which, we might add, sounds stellar. You’ll see!