We’re all abuzz this month. A little disorientated, even. There’s news everywhere, from the composers, from the artists, from within and from without. For example, our Swedish artist Mama Sonic are leaving us for some big Swedish label! Which actually makes some sense. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through it all below and in the podcast above.


Beyond Rare


Picture a gothic cathedral - spacious, warming, ethereal. Are you feeling that? Now transport your cathedral into an electronic future, with glowing neon candles and a deep space aura. The place where the techno-monks worship. They like to play Beyond Rare there - you know, when they’re holding space-mass or whatever. The duo from L.A. certainly have an atmosphere you could swim in.





With all the news Cam has to take us through, an ambient musical theme seems like a good backdrop. Tracks from Beyond Rare, Eldé and Follow The Sea spanning three countries, two continents and a trio of very different styles. Together with all the updates from the ADSRecords network and beyond, it’s also a good chance to sample the recent EP, Blue Joy.




Melodic hip-hop meets chillwave. London artist Eldé forges a nostalgic sound and shoots it through with a very modern roominess. Running might be solid home-grown music, but it takes us to sunnier places (in America, mostly). We’ve not forayed into hip-hop for a long time, and it’s proof-positive that the mega-genre is alive and well in the hands of songwriters like this.


Pwned By Gravity LIVE

Follow The Sea


Shoegaze, albeit a recent genre, has a steady and loyal following. It’s a fuzzy place where rock and ambient, two somewhat oxymoronic genres, dissolve together. Characterised not by lyrical melody but by mood, Follow The Sea are purveyors of the finest shoegaze. From their recent album Blue Joy, you should also check out Virhe’s hypnotic video.


Mama Adopted


Mama Sonic’s year with us has been earth shattering. From singles to EP releases to international tours and music videos, from unknown to stacks of critical acclaim, their journey so far has been jet-propelled. They now move on to bigger things, forming links with Swedish label Substitute Music and waving their goodbyes.


Swedish Gravity

Our ties with Sweden go deeper by the month. We are working closely with indie-rock group Pwned By Gravity from Nyköping, and if we’re not careful, things could get very fruitful. It could be the start of another stellar journey. It could be that artist manager Alex is heading to Sweden imminently to sort it all out. You could check back next month to get updated.


Out Of The Cupboard

It’s finished. Done. All over. We’ve written the score for Cupboard, the upcoming horror short from indie filmmaker Tom Tremayne. The post-prod team are dotting the eyes and drinking the teas, and a launch date is imminent. In this last moment before the film’s release, hype yourself up by looking up his previous work, or hearing the previous works of our composition house.