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Head Boppin'

D-Kel & Los Bandidos

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Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth builds textures up like an Italian chef building a lasagne. The finished effect is every bit as smooth and effective, mixing the electronic and the acoustic to hit a spot. Currently based in Barcelona, the originally-a-Londoner singer songwriter is working away at her full length album, The Elements, depending on a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Podcast: Electric and Not


From pop rock through to chillhop, we have Emma Elizabeth’s rousing song Higher, Katielou with her new single For The Taking and Leroyboughtflowers lets us into his song, Self Defense. Wrapped up in all the chitter chatter and context you’ve come to expect on the monthly show.

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Katielou draws on a range of techniques and traditions to convey her story, from her vocal rhythm to the timing of her rhyme and the acoustic guitar roots. It’s fresh, too, having only come out 30th March. Based near Newport, she is busy gigging all over south east Wales - details over on her Facebook.

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Leroyboughtflowers weaves an effortless and intimate sound with Self Defense. Dancing with hip hop / chillhop vibes and sounds, we’ve been treated to a sound that’s seductive as it is understated. It will be released fully as part of a larger project percolating in the pipeline… in the meantime, check out Woodlark, his recent single.

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