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The High Points

The hooky guitar licks, the beaty vocals, the lockstep interplay between tune and drums... yep, The High Points are back with a new single. After their stint with us 2018-19, it's a joy to hear the new groove. Funky Shaker - go listen to it, and check them out on the usuals.

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This April is all about the irrepressible sound, with the anthemic pop-rock single Eyes Wide Open by Club Beirut being followed up by a duo of funk tracks from old friends The High Points and Welsh musical postman Conor Latcham.

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Conor Latcham

Some people tap the front of their foot. I'm a heel-tapper myself. Either way, get to the end of Do You Think You're In Love and tell me something wasn't tapping... I rest my case. Released through Trident Records by former Rainbow Mania frontman Conor Latcham.

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Club Beirut

Have you ever needed a shot of Yes! injected straight into your brain? The answer (aside from coffee) is Eyes Wide Open, the recent single from Scottish collective Club Beirut. Catch them at Liverpool's Sound City on the 29th - later dates on their socials.

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