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Schtumm Presents: Cut Throat Francis

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They’ve caught everything people love about British indie rock: the sudden contrasts, the quirky lyrics, the anthemic riffs and vocal hooks. Listen to Drunk And Broke on this month’s show, then you can already go on to enjoy their very recent Useless Complaint - and then yet another new single coming 25th this month. No shortage from these guys.

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We strike an indie rock theme this April with LongDayLateNight joining alongside returners Genuine Panama and Swede-Indie newcomers Dixies List, fronted by Valle. All three of our artists this month had April tours planned until recent events but there’s no shortage of treats for the ears.

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Genuine Panama



The Welsh band are back with their funky riffs and the laid-back confidence of their vocals. This time we take a listen to their March release Crease and as usual, their love of what they do exudes through the layers of musicianship. Hopefully you can catch them in their native Bristol when they’re allowed out to play, in the meantime they have a string of mysterious singles on the horizon...

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Dixies List


Risen from the ashes of the Valle Hope project, our young old Stockhlom friend Valle Hedlund returns as frontman to Swedish indie band Dixies List. Their debut single Blueberry Pop is breaking with youthful charm and vitality, not to mention earwormy bass riffs. If it raises the spirits, you only have to hold out until the 17th April for the full EP.

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Always Time For Music



Our perennial playlist has been taken over! Cut Throat Francis have given it a seasonal makeover with a buffet of their favourite tunes of the moment. Give it a listen to add some new textures to your spring indoors. It’ll help pass the time while you’re waiting for Ewan J Phillips’ single Strangers In The Night to drop on the 17th.

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