Pwned By Gravity have become local chart-toppers with their new single. When you’re ready for more, we’ve got new music ranging from full and soaring to simple and intimate. This is your portal to underheard new music from the alleyways of the industry. If you came here looking for unsung talent, you picked the right place. Not that we’re biased.


Joe Bateman


Once in a while, a singer-songwriter needs to take things back to basics, pick up an acoustic guitar and sing something soulful and intimate. Guess what? We found I Wanna Stay With You by Joe Bateman. The Bradford musician is branching off from his career as a session singer and writer to express his own creative spirit. Bravo!





Three very modern but very different tracks gives you a brief tour of April's new music. These are not in the top 40 charts, but we believe these three artists deserve to take centre stage - July Jones, Joe Bateman and Living Dead Girl. It’s also a pretty neat way to get up to speed through your ears.


Living Dead Girl



Skylines takes you on quite a journey. The deep, resonating notes of the intro are superseded by effected drums and Jessica’s sirenesque vocals like a gothic Bond opening. We’re soon into ultramodern, soul-filling electronic bass. It’s a bit like in Corpse Bride when the scary undead chick turns out to be actually quite nice. A captivating track and a vibe we don’t hear often at ADS.





July Jones


July Jones has a voice that soars. Embracing modern pop and electronics alongside her base in soul, the Ljubljana-born US-matured London-based artist conjures songs that are anthemic, memorable and full of, well, soul. To boot, she’s full of rich visual content (you know what I mean!). She's become legendary for her supportive presence in the LGBT community.

First There Was Nyköping


The single is out. If you haven’t already heard it, it’s here. Cam recently pulled them aside for a chit chat - read their catch up here. All My Might is already sitting at no.1 in the local charts, but there’s more to come with the full EP (Time And Time Again) being released on the 14th this month. And did we mention the merch?