We’re turning April showers into an avalanche of rock; our electronic season is fading into the distance and heavier sounds are arriving. If that doesn’t spark your interest, we’ve got some house in reserve and a maelstrom of behind the scenes activity; from film scores to international tours. The label’s spreading its wings in all areas, and there’s thunder on the horizon.


Swift Arvel


Our first foray into math rock has led us to South Wales - something of an ancestral homeland for ADSRecords. It’s where so many of the team met - Alex, Will, Cam - and now it’s given rise to Swift Arvel. It’s heavy, full of character, and fills a corner of the genre spectrum left vacant for some months. Its main pull, though, is an erratic rhythm and structure formed with exotic time signatures. Unpredictable, ballsy, math rock.





The podcast continues to move away from electro and towards indie rock. Alongside German House Rockers, enjoy heavy and erratic hooks from Swift Arvel and Mama Sonic’s signature upbeat sound. Cam fills in the gaps with industry news and label updates, leading us towards a hectic spring and summer for new music.

Mama Sonic


Alongside their phenomenal music video, we're celebrating Amasonic, the opening song of the acclaimed EP Plonk. Carefree indie-punk stuffed with youth, optimism and energy from the Stockholm four - two minutes of music from these guys is like having a shot of caffeine injected aurally. Infectious is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but it never fails to apply to Mama Sonic.



The Debut Video Treatment


German House Rockers


As we move into rock and indie, we thought it would be nice to counterpoint the guitars with some keys and a little taste of summer. German House Rockers, from Duisburg in, well, Germany, give us their track All Of These Days to inject a little house into our homes. It caught our ear for having more structural changes and shorter sections than a lot of the house we hear. Listenable and easy-flowing, it’s the perfect backdrop for a chillout and a hard drink. Party in the park, anyone?

The Plonk Prepares...


Every day brings us closer to the outbreak of Plonk across Scandinavia and beyond. That means it’s time to break radio silence. We are pleased to confirm the first of many dates to be released over the next month - 27th April, Tijili Pop, Copenhagen, 10pm. It’s in Nørrebro. Get there by boat, train or plane. In the meantime, grab the EP from Spotify if you haven’t already or catch them on Amazing Radio.


In The Cupboard


The final touches are being placed on indie filmmaker Tom Tremayne’s upcoming release, Cupboard, as composers Alex and Will head up scoring the picture. It’s another exciting opportunity for the composition house to express its identity and flex its skills, and will be the debut full-length score for the team. “We’re building a really strong atmosphere for this film,” says Alex, “and it’s very rewarding to help this guy create his vision.