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Cam warms up the new year with an introduction to two new artists - Beau Sejour and his easygoing singalong style, and Swedish singer-songwriter Valle with his mellow refrains. Add to the mix a welcome encore from Waiting For June and we’re all set for a revitalising new year’s cocktail.

Beau Sejour

It feels undeniably good to listen to this track. If you think those are empty words, hear for yourself - listening to The Fireman is as difficult as taking a hot shower. Beau Séjour, stage name of Geurnsey-bred singer-songwriter Andy Holloway, has come a long way in his first year, releasing This Is Beau Sejour his debut EP and attracting acclaim from BBC Introducing.


Valle is a 15-year-old singer-songwriter from Stockholm. With support from fellow vocalist Julia, he writes music that is mellow and warming, which is no bad thing at this time of year. For someone that is at the very dawn of their creative journey, it’s pretty impressive. What is it about Swedish music? And why wasn’t I writing music that good when I was fifteen?

Waiting For June

For anybody who misses the good old days of heartfelt mid-noughties rock, we bring you I Want You Back. It’s everything the genre should be - rousing, passionate, open. Frontman Chris Bauer delivers soulcrunching vocal performances throughout their debut album Where Were You Then, nowhere more so than here. Wait no more!


Modern London is our theme, with introductions to soul-pop artist July Jones and dark electro-pop duo Living Dead Girl. It also gives Cam an excuse to ramble about the latest trends in music, celebrate the anniversary of Mama Sonic’s debut and witness the birth of Pwned By Gravity’s new single. Not bad for a wet February.

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